Monday, December 21, 2009

Review 4: Nora Roberts Bed of Roses

Since I already reviewed Visions in White, I figured I might as well follow through and do Bed of Roses.

Bed of Roses is the second book in the Bride Quartet by Nora Roberts. This is the Story of Emma and Jack. They have been friend for as long as... well forever. Emma is the florist for Vows. Her knowledge of plants and flowers, as well as colors and what goes well with what makes her very sought after and praised for her beautiful arrangements. She always knows just what will make the occasion. She comes from a loving family, and while she enjoys men and easily falls into lust, she will also point those men in the right direction when the "thing" is over. She hopes to one day find the everlasting love her parents have.

Jack is the man responsible for all of the renovations at the manor and all of the off buildings that house Vows. As an architect, he works well with people and has a great personality. After a party one night after watching Emma across the room all evening he happens to drive by a car stranded on the side of the road. It's Emma, and he helps her "Look under the hood." They tend to get a little cozy and head turn towards each other.. Sparks fly.. he gets her car started goes out of his way to follow her home.. and in that instant the two see each other in a whole new light.. One tinged with sexual heat. He's leery of starting anything with her because of the friendship with her and all of the other girls, plus Parkers older brother, not to mention the broken home he came from.

Of course one thing leads to another.. and badda bing badda bang.. we have the big moment, which follows some really hot playful email flirting. Things eventually come to a head.. a fight occurs and, honestly I hate how Nora has the 4 women and some of the other characters react to Jack after. But maybe because that just because I really liked Jack. Finally things work for the best and Emma finally gets Her Blue Butterfly...

Her Romance in the Moonlight.

The next book is the story of Laurel and Carter (Parker's older brother). Followed by Parkers story with a character you will meet in B.O.R..

Once again. I will recommend this book..because well I will recommend just about anything Nora writes. It's a guilty pleasure.

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