Sunday, November 22, 2009

Week 3: Visions in White Nora Roberts

Since I was sick last week this will be my blog for week 3.

Mackensie, Laurel, Emma, and Parker have been friends since they were kids. playing hundreds of games of "Wedding Day". Now as adults, they run a wedding planning company called “Vows.” Parker’s obsessive-compulsive nature makes her the perfect person to plan out all the minute details. Emma is the florist and grows most of the flowers herself, Laurel is the pastry chef in charge of all of the cakes and desserts, and Mackensie (Mac) is a professional photographer whose work has been on the covers of magazines.

Vision in White, the first of the quartet is Mac’s story. Even though Mac works in the wedding industry she doesn't see getting married in her future. She doesn’t really believe in happily ever after. Her mother, Linda, is a serial bride and is always on the trail of yet another man. To make things worse, every time things fall apart she always comes to Mac with all of her drama, always drain her daughter emotionally and financially.

On the day of one of the weddings, Mac’s having “one of those days” when she meets Carter, the bride to be's brother. Sparks start to fly and it all leads up to a confession and a kiss. Mac never imagined herself falling for anyone, much less an English teacher in tweed and glasses with a dry sense of humor, but soon things are twisting and turning. After a funny scene in which Mac has her mothers car towed and Carter turns Linda down when she not so subtly propositions him. Things take a turn for the better.

All in all a good read. Vintage Nora. It's nice to have a straight romance and not a paranormal or murder thrown in there. Book Two Bed of Roses is already out. This is Emma's book. Followed by Laurel and then Parker.

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