Monday, November 9, 2009

Week Two: Tempt Me At Twilight- Lisa Kleypas

Book Three of the Hathaway Series finds us visiting Poppy Hathaway as she runs after her sister Bea's pet ferret. Dodger has once again stolen something important and claimed it as his own. The item this time turns out to be a love letter from Poppy's beau Michael Banning. As she follows the ferret into an office of the Rutledge Hotel where the family is staying during the "season" in London, they stumble upon a secret entrance into a tunnel behind the fireplace. Chasing the ferret she enters and finds herself closed in and in the company of an unknown male.

Harry Rutledge owns and runs his hotel with a fist of steel. Making sure everyone that works for him keeps his secrets and confidences. He finds Poppy and Dodger in his tunnel and brings them to his "Curiosities" room, where he talks with Poppy and does not disclose who he is until a maid bringing them tea calls him by name.

He decides Poppy is the woman for him and does everything he can to "ruin" her and make her his own. After a few funny moments, one including a monkey and a food elevator, and a few that make you want to smack him, he gets his way and they wed.

Two of my favorite lines in the book is when Harry tells Poppy.. "In the fairy tale you mentioned last night, I would probably be the villain. But it's possible the villain would treat you far better than the prince." After your typical historical fights over virtue, and family matters, you finally see that Harry is not quite the villain he tries to be, but more of a wounded man with a sad past, and of course everything works out for the best.

I like these books for some fun fast reading fluff, and am anxiously awaiting Leo and Beatrix's books.

If interested Book One is:
Mine Until Midnight (Amelia's Book)

And Book Two:
Seduce Me at Sunrise (Winifred's Book)

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